CAZZO - DANGEROUS ISLAND (dupla dvd díszdobozban)
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EREDETI DUPLA DVD kiváló újszerű állapotban. 


Cast:  Nikolai Radov, Christopher Marten, Florian Manns, Steve Masters, Andy Nickel, Patrik Ekberg

Director:  Jörg Andreas


DVD 1: FILM (100 PERC)


Studio :  Cazzo Film

This dark, twisted porn fantasy from Cazzo Films is sure to raise quite a few eyebrows - and crotch tents. Filmed in sunny Mallorca, Spain, a stunning line-up of virile, big-dicked German hunks is embroiled in a deadly game of abduction and domination.

The mysterious, wheelchaired Raphael presides over his spectacular villa, which he shares with his brute-and-muscled brothers. The jaw-droppingly-gorgeous brothers are prone to shoving their thick wienerschnitznil into other guys’ gullets and up their anterior canals. They’re also into kidnapping unsuspecting boy hunks, torturing them in the villa dungeon, abusing their orifices with their huge incredible penises and then leaving them for dead.

All’s well and good for the most part: the cocks throb mightily; the winking holes clench tightly; the thick semen spurts wildly. Until, that is, we get to the part where - yikes - two characters are truly (and graphically) dispatched. I don’t know about you, but the sight of blood and death in a porno flick gives me an immediate hard-off, but if you can overlook this uncharacteristic gruesomeness, you’ll soon be back in glorious cock-swallowing, ass-cramming country.

Highlights include smooth, sinfully delicious coverboy Nikolai Radov blowing his load while inserted deep into spikey-blonde goateed stud muffin Andy Nickel’s ass (with latex, I might add: as he slides out, we see the dangling, ballooning tip of the condom, weighed down by his heavy load of freshly-gushed cum).

Later, there’s a rough dungeon scene in which cocoa-hunk Patrik Egberg is chained upright, naked and spread eagle, and abused by both of the master’s Hitler Youth (with dribbling candle wax and a wielded baton for spanking). The full-sleeve-tattooed hunk (Steve Masters) eventually plows his captive’s rear end, fucks a creamy splattery load out of him, then leans over to lap up some of the other guy’s freshly-spurt jizz! Meanwhile, Patrik’s whitebread lover is bound and gagged in a nearby chair... where he’s doused with cups and streams of Steve’s piss (rugged Steve even tastes some of his own whiz, then spits it out all over his captive). Thanks, but no thanks - I’ll stick with the sweet cream.

The absolute hottest sequence is an outdoor four-way amongst the master’s boys. The heavily tattooed brute who only the night before was spraying a captive with piss is today drenched in wads and wads of pearly boy cream, including a drenching bull’s-eye on his face and mouth by scrumptious uncut coverboy Nikolai. Now that’s what I’m talking ‘bout!

Technical aspects are quite good, especially the sharp editing. Camerawork is sleek and seductive, though occasionally it’s over-flared by bright lighting.


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