Cazzo: Flucht in ketten (Escape in chains) (dvd)
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Áru helye: Szeged,
Csongrád megye / Magyarország
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Starring: Erik Lenn, Fabian Kess, G. Franco, Marc Amon, Mario de Lazarius, Mike Cox, Roland Gross, Victor Racek
Category(ies): Anal, Ass Licking (Rimming), Cumshots, Gay / homosexual, Group Sex, Hardcore Movie, Interracial, Oral, Outdoor Sex, Threesomes, Uncut
Specials: Chapter-selection, DVD-Rom Compatible, Photobooks
Language: German
Origin : Germany Run time: 80 min.
Escape In chains. Convicts chained together and on the run! Cute policeman chasing them! Obliging farm hands! What could possibly happen? Cue lots of open air exposing of excited and big-veined uncut dicks and the willing arses.

Oh my - convicts chained together and on the run! Cute policeman chasing them! Obliging farm hands! What could possibly happen? Cue lots of open air exposing of excited and big, uncut dicks and the hard sucking and fucking with them.

If you like the sight (and smell and taste) of outdoor cock, then you'll love this: whilst pursuing two boiler-suited convicts, two military types get off on each other after stopping their jeep for a quick pee. After each firmly wee, they then immediately playwith each other's dicks (as they still dribble) before settling down to firmly graze upon each others thick shafts and tight ball-sacs. The elder of the two then shafts his blonde mate whilst lifting his legs and arse up over the jeep. This is a real fuck and a half - and when the younger guy spunks up - wow!

Meanwhile, in the sex-ridden German countryside, a young farm owner is admiring the ass of his shaven headed servant as he goes around his daily chores. He beckons the guy over and starts to swallow his red and fattened dick; there's a lot of adoration here (as well as some firm ball attention).

Later, the swarthy convict types awake in a field with the not too unpleasant realisation that they've had their noses in each others clothed groins overnight. Luckily they get rescued and then have both of their thick lengths severely blown by the servant, before they fuck him and each other. Some spunk-blowing rim scenes here, and the camera work is great as well; classic lighting that could almost make this the 'deleted' scenes of a BBC gay-themed production........

Inexplicably there's a food-sex episode between two sunbathers, with so much red jam, cream and custard being thrown around that there seems to be a whole subtext as chocolate mousse is lovingly thrown onto hard cock, then licked off........ If there are any scat pretensions there, then they're quickly deleted as the two trackers continue the hunt for their men - and quickly get the tables turned as they're captured, stripped, slapped and then sucked upon for their convict's amusement. It all gets a bit confusing from then on - but there's a neat Kevin Bacon young-lookalike amidst a great load of 3-way action that ends up with well-creamed assholes and rampant retribution!

Look - it's outdoor guys with outdoor knobs out for the boys. And tons of creamy spunk ! What more do you want?

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